6 ways to feel better during though times

6 ways to feel better during though times

We had a bunch of peppy topic ideas for this blog post, but non of them felt right because it’s been a heavy start of the year for this world.

Some of you feel the pain every time you watch something or just think of Ukraine.

Some of you have too much pain to even put on the news or manage to take anymore pain in.

To have the energy to be able to process everything that’s happening and still keep the will to get out of bed every morning we need some new energy, here are six tips to help you find energy this spring. From releasing what no longer serves you to doing something good, these simple practices can support you to get some spring energy and set the tone for the rest of the year. So let’s get started…

1. Make a difference. Big or small. Give money, send clothes to refugees. It’s very frustrating to feel that you cannot make a difference and yes, stopping the war can be difficult for an individual person, but we can all do something.

2. Spring Clean, get rid of anything that doesn’t bring you joy. Give away or sell anything you don’t need or use.

3. Spend time outside in nature, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.

4. Connect with family and friends and enjoy quality time together.

5. Slow down and take your time to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

6. Allow yourself to feel joy. In the midst of everything, it is always ok to feel joy. And the more energy and joy you have, the more you can support people around you.

So take some time for yourself this spring and do a refresher. You’ll learn what is important to you, treasure it, and it will help you to move forward.

If you need a virtual hug or someone to lift you up, our Good Avenue customer happiness team is always here for you: [email protected]

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