Your Mediocre Coffee is Holding You Back From Experiencing the Caffeinated Bliss You Deserve.

Listen up, because we’ve got something important to spill the beans on. It’s time to ditch that bland, mediocre coffee you’ve been sipping on and enter the world of specialty coffee. Trust us, it’s a game-changer.

First things first, specialty coffee isn’t just a fancy buzzword. It’s a whole new level of java goodness. We’re talking about beans that are carefully sourced, meticulously roasted, and crafted with an insane attention to detail. It’s like coffee on steroids, but without the jacked-up side effects.

Sleep Better, Sip Happier: Fairtrade Coffee

Here’s a friendly tip: don’t be the last person on the block still sipping unfair coffee. Does it cost extra to buy fair coffee? You betcha! But let us tell you, the peace of mind it brings is worth every penny. When you choose fairly traded coffee, you’re not just getting a damn good cup of joe; you’re supporting farmers who are treated with the respect they deserve. No more sleepless nights wondering if your coffee is tainted with shady practices. With fair coffee, you can sip away knowing you’ve made a difference. So go ahead, indulge guilt-free and experience the true taste of ethical satisfaction.

Specialty coffee

Crafted with a Whole Lotta Love!

Specialty coffee is not just your average cup of joe. It’s the rebel of the coffee world, the crème de la crème of caffeinated goodness. But what sets it apart? Let us break it down for you.

First off, specialty coffee is all about quality. We’re talking about beans that are carefully selected, meticulously grown, and lovingly nurtured. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill beans harvested en masse. No, no, no! Specialty coffee is crafted by passionate farmers who go the extra mile to cultivate exceptional flavors and unique profiles.

But it doesn’t stop there. The rebellious spirit of specialty coffee extends to the roasting process. It’s an art form, my friend. Our skilled roasters take those handpicked beans and roast them to perfection, bringing out their distinct characteristics and delivering an unparalleled taste experience.

Brace yourself for a journey of flavor exploration like no other.

No Tradition, is Our Tradition

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Dare to Taste the Coffee Lab Challenge: Get Your Money Back If You Find a Tastier Cup!

Here’s the deal: If you discover a coffee that surpasses the mind-blowing flavors of our brews, send us an empty bag within 30 days of purchase, and we’ll give you a full refund. We’re not messing around. We’re confident in our craft and believe our coffee is unbeatable.

Embark on a caffeinated quest, explore far and wide, and sample every brew out there. But if you find a cup that tops ours, send us that empty bag and claim your cash back. We dare you to taste the difference.

Challenge accepted? Let the flavor showdown begin!

The Coffee Lab Story

The weather in Gothenburg sucks. Seriously sucks. That’s why we head to the lab every morning and work our butts off to make great coffee. It’s how we stay sane.

So our gift to all you java lovers is the finest coffee you’ve ever tasted. Blended and roasted to perfection.


Taste the difference

It will probably be the best coffee you ever tried.

Your Choice, Your Perfect Cup

Espresso, black, or with a splash of milk craft your perfect cup.

Beans or Ground

Whether you prefer to grind your own beans or go for the instant convenience of pre-ground coffee, we’ve got the rebel brew you crave.

The Roast Ritual

Treat yourself to the finest coffee, delivered monthly.


Okay, okay, we get it. Testimonials, right? Well, here are a few words from our oh-so-satisfied customers. Brace yourselves for some serious coffee love.

Perfect for Scandinavian style normal brewing. Get a great coffee maker, I use Moccamaster, which does make better coffee than a cheap alternative, and make sure you have clean water and top quality coffee – and you can’t fail. I’ve now got a subscription on this coffee. Can’t wait to try a CLS espresso in the future!


These beans are the holy grail for espresso lovers like myself. The richness, the depth, the pure satisfaction it brings to each shot is unparalleled.

Skye / Barista

Easy to like. One of my favorites. It’s almost like Christmas Eve when I get my coffee package. Love it ❤️


The best coffee ever! a must try Coffee!!

Dag Egil Flaa

After I tried it, its definitely a coffee that stays in my home forever. Amazing experience!

Joachim Nyseth

This coffee has a very high quality, both tastes and smells wonderful.Waking up on a Saturday morning, starting the coffee maker and listening to the sound of freshly brewed coffee is a real quality of life.I have also made many good coffee drinks with “Your Place Or Mine”

Patrik Porath

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