Conscious Shopping

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Retail therapy is something we all need sometimes, it can leave us feeling jubilant. But what if I told you that you could enjoy retail therapy while going green and doing Good all at the same time! Isn’t that fantastic? We believe Conscious shopping is the way to go. What is conscious shopping you may wonder?
It is making green consumerism choices by buying ethical and environmentally friendly products that generate positive and sustainable influence in the world.

Going Green

Going green is making responsible decisions and lifestyle choices that are environmentally friendly. Sustainable living is what our planet’s future depends on. Going green doesn’t mean giving up your favourite things or not indulging in the good things life has to offer. It’s more about being aware of our surroundings and what you can do to make the world around you a more eco-friendly place.


How you would feel if you worked so hard on something and yet received little to no pay for your efforts? It wouldn’t feel good. There’s a saying that goes “life isn’t fair” this is the harsh reality but it doesn’t have to be this way, that’s why buying products that are produced with fair trade alignments helps others and makes their life better.

Buying luxury high-quality products shouldn’t have to come at the expense of another’s labour being exploited. That is why at Good Avenue we carry brands that support fair trade with the right ethics such as Coffee Lab Stories. Fairtrade is when producers in developing countries are paid an unbiased price for their work, by the companies in established countries. This not only improves the lives of these workers but also acknowledges their efforts and value.

Ethical Products

Ethical products are those that do not cause any harm to the planet and its ecosystem. This includes no forced labour, child labour or animal testing. Ethical production is about ensuring to not negatively impacting the well-being of others. Be the change and let’s do good and be better together!

What are your thoughts on sustainable and ethical products? We would love to hear from you and kindly share your views by leaving us a comment below.