Good Avenue announces sustainability partnership with Rainforest Trust

Good Avenue, a conscious consumer e-commerce, is supporting Rainforest Trust, US-based nonprofit environmental organization, as its sustainability partner.

Marbella, Spain, June 5, 2022 – Good Avenue is proud to be a partner in fighting against climate change and helping to protect the threatened rainforests around the world.  

Trees are vital and as the greatest plants on the planet, they provide home to countless species, give us oxygen and store carbon. For each order placed at the Good Avenue shop, the company directly funds Rainforest Trust.  Every purchase will preserve remarkable 2 hectares of rainforest, containing 75 species of trees, which absorb 40 metric tons of carbon. 

“Our goal is to make it make it easy for people to create a positive impact by simply shopping on our site. The partnership with Rainforest Trust is based on the idea that we at Good Avenue and our community can make a real difference and ´good´ for the world,” said Emelie Dahlgren, CEO of Good Avenue.  

About Good Avenue

Our conscience will always be clear and our customers’ amazing sustainable lifestyle a priority. We deliver high-quality goods at good prices and help people to make conscious choices. We believe in the power of the people and we trust your choices so we let you vote what stays and what goes. 

Our belief is that we together will help small brands reach the right audience and to shine on Good Avenue. We’re working hard to make you happy by sharing our love, our profits and by thinking and acting differently. That’s just who we are.

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