June 21st, Grand launch of the best-in-class deodorant


Introducing Nuud, a revolutionary natural deodorant for a unique clean experience.

Marbella, Spain, June 14, 2022 – Good Avenue announces new partnership with Nuud and their innovative anti-odor products. The new launch offers a perfect addition to the Good Avenue´s range of personal care products that work in a balance with the human body and deliver outstanding results. Each deodorant seamlessly fits into any health-conscious men or women´s body care regimen and becomes a lasting favorite in their daily clean routine.

“After tirelessly searching for a solution to conventional unsafe products, we were ecstatic to find effective natural deodorant in a sustainable packaging. Nuud´s formula consists of only 10 ingredients, including micro silver which inhibits bacteria. Essentially, it cuts out all the unhealthy aluminum, fragrances, parabens or alcohol, found in the standard deodorants. Nuud works its magic for 3-7 days with one application, preventing odor instead of clogging the pores. Sports or showering do not impact its performance and your clothes stays stain-free. What is more, a 20ml tube of Nuud will last up to 10 weeks, straight away saves you money and with that reduces your packaging waste. This ´innocent´ deodorant has won hearts of many worldwide and no wonder why. We are proud to offer our customers this truly clean responsible product”, says CEO, Emelie Dahlgren.

Good Avenue´s collaboration with Nuud is a perfect match set to flourish since they both on a mission to make a positive impact on the planet. Nuud is committed to providing their customers with safe and effective products, whilst Good Avenue is dedicated to sourcing only the best conscious goods available.

Look for Nuud’s deodorants on www.goodavenue.com

About Good Avenue

Our conscience will always be clear and our customers’ amazing sustainable lifestyle a priority. We deliver high-quality goods at good prices and help people to make conscious choices. We believe in the power of the people and we trust your choices so we let you vote what stays and what goes. Our belief is that we together will help small brands reach the right audience and to shine on Good Avenue. We’re working hard to make you happy by sharing our love, our profits and by thinking and acting differently. That’s just who we are.

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