New Deodorant to rock your summer!

Let’s kick start this summer with a revolutionary all-natural and super effective deodorant. Delivering sweat and odor protection, containing no harsh ingredients, NUUD boasts patented formula with 10 natural ingredients for everyday care.

I had the pleasure to sit down with Jop from Nuud and hear the inspiring story behind the brand. Let me share it with you.

How it all started

Nuud is a young and dynamic brand founded by 4 people. We saw some major issues within the deodorant space. First of all, most of the brands we apply to our skin are toxic. Secondly, spray deodorant bottles create the most obvious and dangerous threat to the nature. Faced with a lack of offer on the market, we decided to create a very own unique product! The mission was clear, to transform the existing deodorant scene, and elevate the market with products that are ecological, safe for health and environment.
We felt so proud of the first sale in September 2017, the revolution was on its way.

What makes it so fabulous?

Nuud isn’t a standard deodorant. It’s an effective all-natural anti-odorant. Importantly, we produce Nuud in Europe, under the European guidelines and ship, carbon neutral, worldwide. Our production and distribution are as conscious as possible, from the very beginning.

Nuud is different and works magic for days, after just one application. Activated with micro silver, it naturally prevents smell of stinky sweat without clogging pores or irritating skin. You can fully trust it during a hectic day or while being active, without leaving any stains on clothes – carefree, in 100% confidence.

cruelty free






  • No clogged pores or stained t-shirts
  • Unscented and great for sensitive skin!
  • Effective for 3-7 days, with one swipe
  • One tube lasts 2-3 months
  • Aluminum free


What do people love most about the product?

The effectiveness, eco-friendliness and strong connection to other conscious consumers

What are the company’s culture and values? 

First of all, our founders embrace values, have a clear vision, and determination to transform the beauty industry. We are curious and transparent as we can be.

Today we have young spirited 20 employees from 10 different countries, at an average age of 27. It is a matter of trust and freedom what exponentially give back to the brand. We foster good working environment, sustainable practices and have fun while doing so. Office yoga is just one of the fun things that help us to connect to each other and stay fit and energetic.

Why going natural and sustainable?

We connect like-minded people and together positively impact the environment.

What are your future goals? 

Our products are currently sold in 200 countries and we focus on improving market penetration. Production remains firmly in Europe; however, our goal is to increase presence in non-EU markets such as US, Canada, Asia and Middle East. Accomplishments over the past years have been remarkable, and more importantly, we look ahead at the exciting future and impact our products have. We are not stopping until we have eliminated the biggest threat on the market, the spray cans.

To conclude our talk, what can we do to support you and your cause?

Make use of Nuud regularly, spread out the word, and join the deodorant revolution we began 5 years ago. Every revolution has always been in the hands of the people. Our mission is one thing only – more people and armpits worldwide. This way we reduce waste, minimize harm to our health and environment. We also act as advocates for other brands to acknowledge that their products are outdated and non-eco-friendly. Our message is clear – Do good for the nature by buying Nuud – fresh for you, fresh for the planet.

I hope you enjoyed these insights from Jop as much as we did.

Become a part of the community of us, good-doers, and get your Nuud here.

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