The Brand Story- ONEPan the circular frying pan!


We are excited to announce our first ‘Good Avenue Pop-up’.

When I first tried ONEPan I was shocked! It doesn’t contain any chemicals and it is non-sticky which is amazing. It also cooks food differently because the heat gets evenly distributed in the pan and on anything you put in it. Their company values and mission is on point which I appreciate a lot. 

As soon as I’ve tried it I realized that this is the perfect Christmas gift for my friends and family! So did also many of my colleagues so we decided to do a ONEPan pop-up store on Good Avenue. 

Here is an interview with the two geniuses behind ONEPan, Tareq and Mikael.

What drives you? 

To dare to think outside the box and to leave something great behind. The importance of the environmental aspect has become a part of me and to explain what circular products really are.

For the producers to own their responsibility throughout the whole process. Production, the use of the product and the disposal, basically owns the responsibility from putting a product into the world to and what happens with it once we’re done using it.

There is so much “greenwashing” out there, people trying to pretend that their products are “green” just to sell more, we are driven to encourage brands to take true responsibility.

Where comes the company’s heart from? 

Entrepreneurial heart from the start and always wanting to do things differently and better. Once you’ve got kids you start thinking differently about the environment and how we leave things behind to them.

We can’t go on like this, we as entrepreneurs need to change and find smart ways how to preserve our environment. It is really cool being two partners having the same heart and environmental drive, this takes us far and can create a real change.

Where did the idea come from? 

We both have a history of working in the kitchen and have seen so many frying pans be thrown away. The idea popped up when we asked us the question of why we throw away the whole frying pan when it is only the coating that is worn out.  

The big challenge was how to develop a total circular frying pan that is truly circular from start to finish. After a lot of hustle and tests, it is finally here! 

What do people love most about the frying pan?

That is really good to cook your food in, you can feel that it is a quality product that is wonderful to use.

We developed the whole frying pan from scratch, even the handle is formed after Tareqs hand to be ergonomically comfortable to use. They are all handmade so each and every frying pan is unique which adds an extra charm to the product and it stands out among other frying pans. 

Best cooking tips?

You don’t have to use too much heat as it spreads more equally than other pans. It heats up quickly and is easy to clean. You can clean it in your dishwasher but it is always better to clean it by hand with just warm water.

Why sustainable?

It is truly circular; you can repaint it and it is free from Teflon.

What is your goal?

To revolutionize kitchenware and to decrease products made from poisonous materials that we use to prepare the food that we eat. Our first goal is to conquer the Nordic countries followed by Europe. 

What can we do to support you?

Being part of the circular revolution, cheap wear and tear products do not last long. It is cheaper to invest in quality from the beginning and to make people understand that it is expensive for the planet to think cheap, it needs to be long term.

Why Good Avenue? 

We get to be part of this from start and we have common goals. 

Behind every great brand is a story. Behind that story, there’s an individual or group of individuals who are dedicated to making that product as great as possible. Founded by two friends in Sweden, their goal was to make kitchenware better and more sustainable for people like you and me.  The result? The (what I would call it) best frying pan out there on the market. Revolutionary circular frying pans that didn’t want to compromise on quality in any corner of their product or brand. And with two amazing individuals behind it with so big hearts and passion for making the world better so you just want to hang around them and for the interview to never end. 
I’m truly excited for the Good Avenue community to get the chance to experience both the product and the brand.

Mikael, Tareq, and ONEPan; Welcome to the Good Avenue family!

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