Welcome to Good Avenue!


We feel thrilled and honoured to have you here!

After months of dedication and hard work, we have reached the beta launch of Good Avenue, the new conscious shopping platform! 🎉

We also want to welcome you to this section of the page, our blog! Writing today is me, Emelie one of the founders of Good Avenue.
I’m just going to start by saying that; I’m far from perfect. This idea didn’t start with me being a perfectly conscious and sustainable person and wanting to teach you how to be perfect too. But I want to be better.
And a lot of us wants to be better. Sometimes it’s too heart wrenching to see what’s happening in the world to our kids, people, animals and nature. But I’m ready to open my eyes and see what’s happening and what I, as a busy Mompreneur, still can do to make the world a little bit better place for all of us. So this blog will focus on giving us bits of information to get educated and conscious and deliver tiny tips and ideas of how we all can do good and be better together.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Good Avenue!

  1. Birgitte Vilberg says:

    Thank you Emelie for your fantastic work with words to explane the good avenue and all its goods🥰

  2. Patrik Porath says:

    I realy like this concept.
    Nice to shop in a place who cares about the planet and only sell Good Verified products.

    You have done a realy good job with Good Avenue.
    Keep going!

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