Your order saves trees!

I have some exciting news for all of you. 

As you know we have been working tirelessly on something special behind the scenes and we are super thrilled to tell you about it. Starting this June, we are launching a brand-new sustainable initiative – 75 TREES SAVED WITH EVERY ORDER. You may be probably asking; how does it work? 

For each and every order we receive, we will donate funds to the Rainforest Trust – a nonprofit environmental organization that protects tropical lands and the most threatened species. Your purchase will help to save remarkable 2 hectares of rainforest, containing 75 trees, which absorb 40 metric tons of carbon.

We also love the fact that Rainforest Trust have donors who cover their costs, so 100% of our funds go directly to the assigned projects.

At Good Avenue, we think beyond profit and we are dedicated to finding ways to bring better, for our people and planet.  Through this partnership, we will help to restore our trees and wildlife species – to create a more sustainable future. 

The journey of a thousand miles is said to begin with a single step! We are starting with a small change and we greatly appreciate the active participation of our community during this wonderful journey. Your kind support helps make it all happen. 

Grab your lifestyle products and make a REAL difference with your purchase. Every TREE counts. 

Stay GOOD and tuned for more!


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