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Hey good doers! We are excited to announce Coolsaver. It will be the perfect addition to our e-commerce business, and it is going to save you money! Coolsaver keeps your food in the fridge lasting longer, hence saving on waste and energy. No more mold, bad odor, or high energy bills. Plus, it is easy to use – just pop it in the fridge or the freezer and you are good to go.

Come on! We are talking about the product that is going to make your life easier. Who wouldn’t love Coolsaver? I spoke to the product head from the company, Philip Javersjo, and he said, “We know you are going to love it from day one!” We discussed motivation, product uniqueness, brand vision and much more. Read till the very end.

What motivates you?

There is never a shortage of motivation. When it comes to CoolSaver, it has gone from being solely offering services to industrial businesses to moving also into private households. The world has been taking a turn for the worse when it comes to our environment. With mounting global warming and rising food and energy prices, we need more help than ever before-and that’s where companies like ours come in! Educating both the companies and consumers to be more sustainable is what motivates me! By creating awareness of our solution, I hope to change the people’s approach towards waste and energy consumption.

Where did the idea for Coolsaver come from?

CoolSaver is result of two Swedish technicians who started a reacher company and saw a need for an improved cooling system. They developed Coolsaver to solve this problem, which led them down the path – one that is still being followed by these days! The science behind our technology is completely unique. We don’t want to change any of the hardware, but instead optimize indoor air quality for effects like doubling the shelf life of fruit and veg or delivering up to 30% energy savings.

What makes your products so great?

From the moment you use the product, it’s easy to see how quickly it can make a big difference. Our eco-friendly solution is easy to use, powerful and effective – there isn’t another company out there that has anything like it! We’re not just talking about some green things here; we have gone a long way to find the truly innovative solution on tackling climate change – from cutting down energy consumption or food waste. Try it out, see for yourself how great it works!

What do people love most about the products?

We have the best customers around! They love that their fruit and veg last longer, the bad odors completely disappear and, there are no condensation or ice formation issues either! Being able to do this with a natural product is amazing! Plus, our production is 100% Swedish, which means people can be sure about the quality. Isn’t it great!?

Where does the company heart come from?

The heart of the company Coolsaver comes from a passion for sustainable technology. We can save energy without using any energy and reduce waste by creating products that use nature’s process instead- it makes us special!

What is your approach to sustainability?

My approach to sustainability is all about the customer. I want them to be informed and able to make an environmentally friendly choice that also leads to financial savings for years down-the-road! Greentech products should cost less than what you’ll save by using them! So, if you ask me, a long-term sustainability is when a solution helps people to reach both their financial and environmental goals.

What is your vision for the future?

We envision an economy where all households use our products so as not only to cut down on food waste but also reduce energy consumption by optimizing air quality with every refrigerator and fridge, we sell them too!

What can the Good Avenue community do to support your brand?

Brilliant question. The best support comes from customers! If everyone shares their experience with the product across social media. The most important thing for us is to let the customers be the spokespersons for our solution. So, I encourage everyone who’s trying out our new product — hashtag #coolsavings so we can see what you think!

What a great chat I had with Philip. Now I am eager to hear your thoughts on this matter.

What are your waste or energy saving hacks? Let us know in the comments below! 😊

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